The Beatles: Anthology II

NZ Listener


Who are these guys? They certainly are prolific, turning out their second double album in three months. Those jangling guitars sound as if they have been listening to Oasis or Pulp. They all sing well, but the guy with the moody voice stands out: on as song called ‘Yes It Is’ he really gets that wasted ‘Kurt Cobain unplugged’ effect. They get into some weird stuff, too, with all kinds of freaky keyboards and effects. There’s one track with a really grungy electric piano and the guy sounds like he must be on something and I don't think it's ecstasy – ‘I Am The Walrus’, it’s called. All these demented lyrics – “pigs from a gun”, “semolina pilchards” – remind me of Beck. Then there’s an organ-driven thing called ‘Only A Northern Song’ that could just about be Stereolab. They get into this world music thing, too, lots of Indian instruments and other sounds you might hear at a Womad concert. The only track I’m not so sure about is the first one, ‘Real Love’, where they could be some uncool 70s band like 10CC. Otherwise, it’s way 90s; lots of weird low-fi sounds and great tunes. A band that is really going places.

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